We have some great options for you!

It has become all the rage to hire electric violinists with DJ. We have light violins with our own wireless packs making it easy for you to hire our electric violinists to improvise alongside DJ. We can perform our pre rehearsed DJ show or free style along with DJ. It is also possible for us to book singers, saxophonists, percussionists and DJ’s to enhance the show.


Secret Strings enjoy nothing more than go back to their roots, performing on their traditional classical string instruments. Inspired by the Vitamin String Quartet, Two Cellos and Piano Guys, Secret Strings perform pop string quartet arrangements especially written for Secret Strings. They have an entire set of pop string quartet music performing anything from Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson to Toxic by Britney Spears

The sound and beauty from the acoustic violin and cello is second to none, Secret Strings rehearse regularly working on their ensemble string quartet sound.


Electric string quartets are a popular choice amongst clients for corporate events and weddings looking for something unique and different. The electric violins and cello bring a unique edge to the look of the string quartet, Secret Strings pride themselves on image and will also style themselves to compliment the modern edgy look of the instruments. If you have a specific dress code required for your event please let us know.

When performing as an electric string quartet, Secret Strings recommend their pop string quartet set. Performing up to 2 x 45 minutes of pop music. It is also possible for them to perform a high impact choreographed show as an electric string trio or electric string quartet. For other electric string quartets you might also like saharamusic.co.uk


We love nothing more than to hear about all your wedding plans. With our unique arrangements of classical wedding string quartet music to our bespoke pop collection. We can take you seamlessly from your ceremony to drinks reception. Dressing to your colour scheme to ensure everyone is just the way you want it!


Secret Strings perform as soloists with and without backing tracks, whether it is ambient classical music or chill out Ibiza set. This a great option for smaller venues or events requesting something a little more contemporary, this can be performed on acoustic or electric string instruments (electric violin or cello).
Secret Strings Violinists are available to hire for weddings and corporate events. Performing on acoustic, electric violins or light up violins, violinists are a popular choice to hire alongside DJ’s or as an accompaniment to your weddings. Secrets Strings Violinists have trained at some of London’s leading music conservatoires. Since graduating they have developed their own shows on the electric violin available to hire for weddings, private parties and corporate events. Electric violinists are a perfect choice to hire alongside a DJ improvising over funky house or chill out music.

Live instruments improvising alongside DJ is an extremely popular act to hire for private parties and a great way of bringing a little bit of Ibiza to your party! Secret Strings Light Up Violinists will improvise alongside DJ performing 3 x 20 – 30 minute sets for maximum impact. It is possible to add additional instruments to perform with our violinists such as saxophonists and percussionists.


For events and weddings requiring the added wow factor the girls are able to perform as a string orchestra from 8 – 16 players mixed or all female.

The Secret Strings orchestra can be seen performing with saxophonist Sarah Louise Ings on her live lounge project. This is a live recording of our string orchestra. This was tailored specifically to the Live Lounge project performing an original piece of classical crossover music. The Secret Strings Orchestra perform popular classical or pop music of your choice.